No Right To Underestimate Anyone

There is this type of person I find amusing beyond belief – the one who varies his behavior based on how useful a person can be to him. He will refuse to acknowledge an acquaintance with either a smile or a wave, waiting for the other person to come up and greet him. But then in the next moment, he will spot someone he stands to gain from, and forgetting all pride, rush to fall at his feet! Continue reading No Right To Underestimate Anyone

FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out Syndrome.

Now-a-days the fever of social networking has touched its height. People from all ages, starting from five year children to men in their 70s are carried away with it. Nevertheless, it is a means to be in touch with the nears and dear ones and to stay updated. We tend to show our best side in the social networking sites so that we can impress upon a lot of people. We post our every-minute activities, starting from rising from bed to describing everything about where we are, with whom and what we do. As soon as a status is posted, then comes the time to act as a watch dog; to check the number of likes, number of re-tweets, who is online & new notifications. Continue reading FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out Syndrome.